About Us

The Kitchen Search is a blog for people who love to cook, eat and explore the culinary world. The website features cooking tips, recipes, and information on new kitchen gadgets. Along with food-related news from around the world, The Kitchen Search provides guidance about where to shop for appliances, ingredients, or specialty foods.

Our Mission

The Kitchen Search is a family business. We are committed to building lasting relationships with our clients, developing their individual needs and desires, and taking the time to understand what they want for their kitchens. Our goal is to make your kitchen dreams come true

We will work with you through every step of the process – from choosing materials that suit your taste and budget, to picking out appliances that fit in perfectly with your space, reviews, and views. We can help you with custom-made recipes for your unique style, so you can enjoy cooking in a kitchen tailored just for you.

How Do We Help You

The Kitchen Search is a personalized home search service that caters to the client’s needs. We make it easy for you by taking care of everything from finding your dream kitchen to providing reviews on kitchen products and more. We guarantee to make your experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible by working with what best fits your tastes, needs, and budget. Our team is committed to making every customer’s remodeling project as seamless as possible- so you can make your kitchen an attractive one.

Our In-Depth Research

The Kitchen Search is in-depth research in appliances relevant to Food companies that aims to provide the most comprehensive information on what’s happening inside kitchens. We are a small team of food lovers and journalists who work with brands, restaurants, chefs, and entrepreneurs to find out what and how people are cooking at home. Our goal is to create quality content so our readers can cook better, eat healthier and enjoy life more.

Our Team

Steve Hanson – Lead

thekitchensearch.com  was started by Steve Hanson, a cooking geek who loves to explore new cooking tech and share what he finds with the world. Steve is staying on the cutting edge of kitchen quality research, tinkering with products, and helping people get the solution that best suits their needs.

Cristeta Comerford – Content Creator

A passionate kitchen and food enthusiast, Cristeta has been writing for thekitchensearch.com since its humble beginnings. She holds degrees in Culinary Arts and Creative Writing and works alongside Steve to research and review the latest innovations in kitchen reviews.

Clare Smyth – Content Creator

Clare Smyth has an attraction towards the kitchen, and that’s clear. She is very passionate about writing reviews on kitchen products and working under Steve to research new advances in the kitchen. Clare is currently writing articles at thekitchensearch.com

How we are Funded

There’s a new way to get your best kitchen equipment. The Kitchen Search is funded by referral traffic and affiliate links, which means you can buy what we recommend from amazon without any hidden fees. For example, if you read one of our reviews for the product on Amazon and purchase it after clicking through from this site then we’ll receive credit as an affiliate because you bought something off their store. You can also check out our full disclosure about how they make money too.

That’s Us

Thekitchensearch.com is a small, but awesome team of people who are excited to share their personal stories with you. We have our goals set on making sure that we provide the most transparent information possible in all the content we produce and are always happy to answer any questions if they come up.