Best Stand Mixers under $150 | Review and Guide

Best Stand Mixers under $150

The Best Stand mixers under $150 are designed to make baking easier by taking some of the efforts out of mixing, kneading, and whipping tasks.

They free up hands for other tasks or allow bakers to multi-task by letting them work on other ingredients while the mixer is doing its thing.

Unlike hand mixers which can only tackle small batches, most stand mixers can handle larger weight or volume, so they are more suitable for the serious baker.

A mixer is one of the most essential components for your kitchen. A good mixer becomes valuable when it comes to making dough or batter for baking or cooking.

Not only that but nowadays mixers are being used even for mixing cocktails and juices by the young generation.

Advantages of  Stand Mixers

In my opinion, there are several key benefits of owning a stand mixer and some of them are mentioned as follows:

  • Convenience

For one thing, these units keep your hands free to do other things. If you watch a pro baker at work, they’re constantly having to hold things in place so that their ingredients don’t spill out of the bowl as they mix them up. This is not only messy and wasteful but can be dangerous.

  • Versatility

Mixers come with a variety of different types of attachments that allow you to prepare your ingredients beyond just mixing them. You can use these attachments to perform actions like cutting, grinding, kneading, slicing, shredding, and whipping.

  • Control

Stand mixers put the power in your hands so you don’t have to worry about how long or at what speed you are mixing your ingredients. Now you can easily control the texture of your finished product.

  • Capacity

Stand mixers typically have a larger bowl capacity than portable units, which means you don’t have to be constantly refilling it as you work on different tasks. Also, some units have bowls that swivel so they can easily move around the counter as you’re using them.

  • Portability

Many of these units come with latching storage cases, so you can easily pack them up and store them away. Some also have retractable cords, making it easier to transport them from place to place.

  • Multi-Purpose

Like I said earlier, these units come with a variety of attachments that allow you to prepare ingredients beyond just mixing them. So now you can perform actions like cutting, grinding, kneading.

Quick Comparison

Product Name


Best For

COOKLEE Stand Mixer

Most Recommended

Facelle Stand Mixer

Easiest to Use

POWWA Stand Mixer

Most Versatile

Aucma Stand Mixer

Best Budgeted

CUSIMAX Stand Mixer

Most Powerful

Vospeed Stand Mixer

Most Reliable

Best Stand Mixers under $150 – Our Top 7 Picks

If you are planning to buy the Best Stand mixer under $ 150 then this article will help you to find the best mixer for your kitchen. There are so many different brands and models available in the market, with a variety of features.

Stand Mixers are not cheap, so you want to be sure that you get one with options and features that will add value to your cooking experience.

Based upon our extensive research we have enlisted our top 7 picks whose detailed description is mentioned below:

1. COOKLEE Stand Mixer –  Most Recommended 

Key Specifications

Brand SanLidA
Color Cream White
Material Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Plastic
Wattage 660 watts
Voltage 120 Volts
Item Dimensions LxWxH 16.6 x 10.6 x 14.2 inches
Number of Speeds 10
Item Weight 12.89 Pounds

Product Review

The COOKLEE Stand Mixer 9.5-quart high-capacity stainless steel bowl makes this mixer perfect for large batches.

With the 4 accessories: dough hook, flat beater, wire whip, and pouring shield; kneading your bread or desserts has never been easier than this. This powerful stand mixer is suitable for any recipe with 10 speeds.

The powerful planetary mixing action mixes bread dough, batters, meringues, and whipping cream quickly on low to medium speed ranges. For quick blitzing of ingredients use the pulse setting option.

This Stand Mixer comes equipped with easy-to-clean attachments that are dishwasher safe. This means you can spend less time washing dishes and more time baking delicious cookies.

What if your kitchen mixer was both beautiful and reliable? With its sleek design, this SM-1551 stand mixer is the best addition to any cooking enthusiast’s collection.

While it has a combination of classic styling with modern innovation, you can still rely on it for many years in the future.

This SM-1551 stand mixer from COOKLEE is a gorgeous addition to any kitchen. There are no shortages of colors for this appliance, and it’s made out of durable stainless steel with easy access bowl-lift design that makes mixing effortless.

COOKLEE Stand Mixers are proud to provide quality products and excellent customer service. The five-year warranty that comes with each mixer is just another way of showing how much it means when customers choose COOKLEE.

Watch COOKLEE Stand Mixer Review

  • 9.5-quart High-capacity
  • Powerful Planetary Mixing Action
  • Durable Stainless Steel
  • Five-year Warranty
  • 10 Speeds
  • Bowl-lift Design

  • Expensive


2. Facelle Stand Mixer –  Easiest to Use 

Key Specifications

Brand Facelle
Color Purple Pink
Material Stainless Steel
Wattage 1500 watt_hours
Voltage 240 Volts (AC)
Item Dimensions LxWxH 16.53 x 10.47 x 14 inches

Product Review

The Facelle stand mixer is the perfect kitchen appliance for anyone who loves baking. It has a 5.8-quart stainless steel mixing bowl that makes it easy to whip up all your favorite treats with ease.

This large capacity bowl allows you to mix ingredients for family-sized batches of cookies, bread, cakes You can even use this stand mixer to make mashed potatoes, salads, and more.

It’s perfect for making everything from pasta to ice cream, egg whites to bread dough. You can even use it as a multipurpose tool in your kitchen. It has a powerful 660W motor and controllable lower and higher speed ranges.

The Facelle electric stand mixers are easy to use and clean, with 3 mixing attachments that make baking easier than ever before.

They’re also safe for dishwashers and they come in a variety of colors so there is one that will fit perfectly into any kitchen decor.

The dough hook, whisk, and beater hold the shaft firmly. These mixers are designed with splash guards which keep everything inside the bowl instead of on your countertops or floors.

This Stand Mixer is designed with an anti-slip design that makes it easy to access and install or uninstall mixing bowls and accessories, as well as add ingredients during the mixing process.

Additionally, it has 5 bottom suction cups that ensure the standing mixer will stay firmly on your countertop while in use.

You can also see via the LED indicator whether or not dough is being mixed. With its tilt-head design, this mixer allows you to easily access all of its features without having to stop what you’re doing.

This product is being offered with a 3-year quality guarantee and lifetime technical support if anything goes wrong with your purchase.

  • Adjustable Higher and Lower Speeds
  • Splash Guards
  • Multipurpose Tool
  • Anti-slip Design
  • 5 bottom suction cups

  • Only 3 years Warranty
  • Only 5.8 Quart Bowl Capacity


3. POWWA Stand Mixer – Most Versatile 

Key Specifications

Color Red
Material Sturdy ABS housing machine & 304 stainless steel bowl
Wattage 660 watts
Voltage 120 Volts (AC)
Item Dimensions LxWxH 15 x 8.3 x 11.8 inches
Number of Speeds 7
Item Weight 11.3 Pounds

Product Review

The POWWA Stand Mixer is one of the best mixers having an 8830 manual and a 660W motor. It has a very powerful device and has a long service life. It has an optimum noise  operation with less than 70 decibels

The POWWA Stand Mixer is the perfect stand mixer with 7 different speed modes, so you can mix anything from dough to cake batter with ease.

It has 6 speeds ranging from lower to high mixing which undergoes continuously. The 1 pulse mode ensures a thorough mixing for a variety of foods such as dough, meat, vegetables, and mashed potato, etc.

This mixture is made from high-quality materials and features a 7.5-quart bowl that can hold enough ingredients to make up to seven servings of food at once.

Also, it comes with a splash guard that makes adding ingredients without making a mess easy as pie or cake.

This recommended Stand Mixer has got an ergonomic design that makes it easy to use, and it comes with three different attachments and 3 levels of speed so you can mix the dough, stir batter, or whisk eggs. Also, all of its parts are dishwasher safe so cleaning up after baking will be quick and easy.

This product is easy to use, powerful and has great features that make baking easier than ever before. You can even adjust the speed of your mixer with just one hand.

The tilt-head design allows you to easily install or uninstall bowls and accessories without any hassle. With 5 anti-slip suction feet on the bottom, this stand mixer will stay in place no matter how much it vibrates during use.

It’s also ETL certified so you know it has been tested for safety and quality assurance standards by an independent lab.

  • 7 Different Speed Modes
  • A Splash Guard
  • ETL certified
  • Adjustable Speed
  • 7.5-Quart Bowl
  • 3 in 1 Multi-function

  • Expensive


4. Aucma Stand Mixer –  Best Budgeted 

Key Specifications

Brand Aucma
Color Blue
Material Stainless Steel, Plastic
Wattage 660 watts
Item Dimensions LxWxH 15.24 x 9.37 x 12.36 inches
Number of Speeds 6
Item Weight 11.68 Pounds

Product Review

The Aucma electric mixer is one of the best kitchen appliances that will help you in the mixing of various foods. The Aucma Stand Mixer has a 660W high-performance pure copper motor and is more than capable of handling all your mixing needs.

This has 6 optimized speeds with pulse function. It has access to multipurpose use and an assortment of recipes that can be made using this device. It has less than 76 decibels noise level when in operation.

This mixer has a 6.5-quart large stainless steel bowl. It can be used for making almost anything, from waffles and muffins to bread and cakes.

The tilt-head design of the Aucma Stand Mixer allows for easy installation and removal, features a stainless steel decoration belt and power indicator light.

Its red housing is accentuated by two-layer painting that makes it look even more beautiful in your kitchen. The dual handles allow you to easily hold the bowl when in use without burning yourself or dropping it.

This special stand mixer consists of three mixing components which include a whisk, dough hook, and a beater.

The splash guard helps add ingredients without making a mess as it has an access hatch to help users avoid spilling things on their kitchen countertops or floors.

Watch Aucma Stand Mixer Review

  • 6 Optimized Speeds
  • 76 decibels noise level
  • Easy Installation
  • Two Layer Painting
  • Dual Handles
  • Only 6.5-quart Bowl Capacity


5. KUCCU Stand Mixer

Key Specifications

Color Black-1
Material Stainless Steel
Wattage 660 watts
Voltage 120 Volts
Item Dimensions LxWxH 16.3 x 10.4 x 14.1 inches

Product Review

The Kuccu kitchen stand mixer is the perfect choice for anyone who loves to bake. It comes with 6 different attachments that make it easy to mix, knead, whip, and more.

It’s has a powerful 660W motor so you can get your baking done quickly and easily. With this mixer by your side, you can create cookies, bread dough, or waffles. It has a 6-quart high-capacity stainless steel bowl.

This excellent Stand Mixer is a mixer that can handle all of your baking needs, from bread dough to whipping cream. It features 6 different speeds so you can choose exactly how fast or slow you want things mixed.

With its powerful planetary mixing action, it mixes ingredients quickly and thoroughly without leaving any unmixed bits behind.

You can also tilt the head of the mixer to turn off the power immediately, which is safer than unplugging it from the wall outlet. This mixer has an anti-slip base so it won’t move around while you mix up your favorite recipes.

Also, it features 6 strong silicone suction cups so it stays securely attached to your countertop or table for safe operation. In addition, non-slip silicone feet prevent slipping on countertops so you don’t have to worry about accidents.

This Stand Mixer is easy to use and clean up, so it saves you time in the kitchen. The paddle and the dough hook are made up of high-quality metals and are highly reliable.

This product is offered with a full five-year warranty so you never have to worry about anything going wrong with the mixer. The customer service team is available 24/7 if there are any issues during usage.

Watch KUCCU Stand Mixer Review

  • Powerful 660W Motor
  • 6 Different Attachments
  • Planetary Mixing Action
  • Anti-slip Base
  • Highly Reliable

  • Only 6 Quart Capacity
  • Expensive


6. CUSIMAX Stand Mixer –  Most Powerful 

Key Specifications

Color Silver Stainless Steel
Material Stainless Steel, Aluminium Alloy
Wattage 500 watts
Voltage 120 Volts
Item Dimensions LxWxH 14.96 x 9.45 x 12.2 inches

Product Review

Mixing is a breeze with CUSIMAX Stand Mixer, which features a strong motor and 6 Speeds knob. With its wrapped housing stand mixer design, you can multitask while preparing food for your family or guests.

The multiple attachments allow you to make the dough, whip cream, and more with the hook attachment.

The whisk is not a Dishwasher Safe but can be cleaned easily by hand washing in hot soapy water then rinsing it off under running water. For the dough, there are only 1 to 2 speeds.

A 6.5-quart large stainless steel bowl holds more food, preventing messy spills. The shield cover with pouring port lets you pour ingredients without making a mess while the spatula allows for even mixing.

With the bottom 4 suction cups, CUSIMAX Stand Mixer stands very well. The tilt-head design makes it easy to switch from beater to whisk or hook—convenient.

Place the food mixer on a sheet of wax paper when not using; this will make it easy for storage and moving around your kitchen.

If you have received a defective item or are having any issues, you can contact the company anytime as they have 24/7 customer support.

Watch CUSIMAX Stand Mixer Review

  • Strong Motor
  • 6 Speeds Knob
  • Multiple Attachments
  • Easy for Storage
  • 24/7 customer support.

  • Only 6.5 Quart Bowl Capacity


7. Vospeed Stand Mixer –  Most Reliable 

Key Specifications

Brand Vospeed
Color Black
Material Stainless Steel, Plastic
Wattage 660 watts
Voltage 110 Volts
Item Dimensions LxWxH 14.8 x 7.93 x 14.11 inches
Number of Speeds 6

Product Review

The Vospeed Stand Mixer is a powerful 660W electric stand mixer. With 6 adjustable speeds and a planetary stirring system, the dough will be mixed perfectly every time. This model can ensure mixing effortlessly for all types of food.

This reliable kitchen mixer from Vospeed features a 7.5-quart stainless steel mixing bowl with double handles, which ensure safe and long service life while ensuring a large capacity for dough kneading or mixing batches of bread loaves, mashed potatoes, and much more.

Its Tilt-head and anti-slip design ensure stable performance. The 4 strong silicone suction cups also prevent the stand mixer from walking during operation, making it one of the best appliances in your kitchen.

This professional mixer is perfect for making cakes, bread, cookies, and pastry. With its splash guard, you can easily add ingredients without creating a mess. The mixing accessories are dishwasher safe so after the job is done it’s easy to clean up.

A mix of colors, shapes, and materials—from sleek stainless steel to cheerful red enamelware will keep both your kitchen accessories.

Vospeed stand mixer is a perfect gift idea for family members or friends because it comes with a lifetime warranty which means you do not have to worry about after-sales.

Watch Vospeed Stand Mixer Review

  • 6 Adjustable speeds
  • Stable performance
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Double Handles
  • Long Service life

  • 7.5-quart stainless steel


Types of Mixers

You will find three types of mixers depending on their power input – Handheld Mixer/ Beater, Stand Mixers, and Immersion Blender. Following is the description of each type:

  • Handheld mixers

These mixers are very convenient and easy to use, but you will need some extra power from your arms when it comes to heavy doughs or batters. Not all handheld mixers are cordless, but the ones that have a cord attached can easily be used in large bowls without taking extra effort.

  • Stand Mixers

Stand mixers are more powerful and versatile as compared to handheld mixers. You don’t need any extra energy from your arms, as the machine will do all the hard work for you. Most of these machines can be used with a variety of accessories that come along with the mixer along with having multiple speeds.

  • Immersion Blender

These are lightweight mixers that can be used for preparing smoothies or milkshakes but are not much powerful to handle heavy doughs or batters.

Power Knead Spiral Dough Hook

The Power Knead Spiral Dough Hook uses a unique shape with “dimples” to knead yeast bread and other heavy doughs up to 16 cups.

The dimples press the dough into the hook as it turns, allowing dough and ingredients to be thoroughly mixed and kneaded inside the bowl for superior results.

Stand Mixer for Light Mixing Jobs

Yes, all models are equipped with wire whisks and other attachments which transform them into powerful hand mixers.

When whipping egg whites or cream, for example, the power of the beaters creates a vortex in the bowl that draws ingredients down to meet them.

This enables you to whip smaller amounts more quickly than with a hand mixer.

What Features to Look for While Buying Best Stand Mixer Under $150?

I wouldn’t say you should be looking for a specific feature while buying the best stand mixer under $150 however I will certainly not miss mentioning some of the features that are worth considering before making your purchase. Let’s go through them one by one.

  • Number of speeds

You may wonder why it is the only number of speeds which is a feature that is worth looking into. The reason is simple, mixers with more number of speeds come with a wide range of accessories which will certainly help you perform various functions in the kitchen.

For instance, if the mixer comes with dough hooks and wiper blades then it can not only be used for mixing items well but also to knead the dough and to whip creams and other such items. This will certainly be helpful for busy moms in various ways.

  • Bowl Capacity

The bowl capacity is an important feature which you must consider while buying a mixer under $ 150. The bigger the bowl, the more it can accommodate in one go for mixing or kneading or any other process.

  • Power

The power of a mixer can be judged from its wattage which generally ranges between 300 – 1000 watts. I would recommend going for the one with at least 350 – 450 watts as it will not only give you better results but also last longer.

  • Warranty & Support

 It is always a good idea to go for the one with good customer support and warranty because it provides you with much-needed relief in case of any issues. As far as warranty is concerned, it generally ranges between 1 – 3 years which varies from brand to brand.

  • Speed Settings

You may not require 5 different speed settings for an average household but if you plan to use it for commercial purposes then go for one with more speed settings.

  • Material

The material used in the mixer is also an important consideration which you must make before placing your order online or offline.

Generally, mixers are made up of stainless steel and plastic but if you want to stay safe from scratch and other damages then go for the one with a stainless steel body.

  • Design

The design of a mixer is also worth checking before buying it because some mixers look amazing while keeping our kitchen clean. While others can create a mess in the same place.

  • Noise

No doubt, all electrical appliances make some noise but you would surely want the one with the least noise. Some mixers are noisy while others are quiet enough to not interfere in any conversations or other activities in the kitchen.

  • Accessories

 Accessories also play an important role especially if you want to perform more than one function with the help of a mixer.

For instance, if it comes with dough hooks and wiper blades, then it will surely come in handy while kneading dough and whipping cream.

  • Easy to use

I know using a mixer can be a difficult task for many but some mixers even make this work easy with their amazing features and functions.

For instance, if you want to scrape the bowl while mixing any item then go for the one which comes with a dough hook to make this part easy.

Final Verdict!

I hope the presented research and review would have grasped your attention. So, if you are planning to purchase a new mixer, this article would prove to be the most beneficial thing you will find over the web.

As the first pick, I would recommend COOKLEE Stand Mixer as it has a 9.5-quart High bowl capacity along with a Powerful Planetary Mixing Action and Durable Stainless Steel material.

Additionally, it comprises a Five-year Warranty and 10 different speeds, and a unique Bowl-lift Design.

The second choice I would suggest is the Aucma Stand Mixer which is the most economical product amongst the above-mentioned products.

Its 6 Optimized Speeds noise level of fewer than 76 decibels distinguishes it from other products. It offers an easy installation along with a Two-Layer Painting and Dual Handles facility.

Looking forward to reading interesting comments based upon your views and experiences with the Best Stand Mixers under $150 in the comment section of this blog. You are most welcome to ask any kind of questions relevant to the mixers.


Q. What to do in case the mixer is not working well?

Sometimes, if there is a power fluctuation in the area it might damage your appliance due to which it will not work.

In such case take your mixer to the service center and check for any mechanical or electrical fault as this might be the reason for not working.

Q. What to do in case the blade of the mixer is shaking?

This happens when a heavy load is put on your mixer and the motor stalls due to this. To overcome this take a small quantity of material in it and run it continuously at low speed for few minutes.

This will help the motor to overcome the load and start running smoothly without any jerks.

Q. What is the RPM range of the mixer?

The RPM rate depended on the capacity of your appliance, but they are roughly between 450-650 RPM. So if you are using a small jar it will work at 450 RPM and when you will put a big jar on it, the speed will increase to 650 RPM.

Q. Can I grind raw rice in my mixer?

Grind only parboiled rice because it is of fine quality and does not have any impurities which might block the air vents of your machine. So always use parboiled rice for grinding.

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