Learn How To Use Rival Ice Cream Maker

How to Use Rival Ice cream Maker

Rival Ice cream Maker is a fun game of making funny-shaped ice creams. It has 4 different kinds of ice cream makers from Rival Company.

Using each of the four, you can make your own shapes. You can also combine two different ice cream flavors together to create a new flavor or a new shape.

This Ice cream Maker has been awarded the award for being a creative board game. It helps to develop your child’s imagination and artistic skills using their friends as their subjects.

This machine consists of three parts i.e. freezer bowl, churn and lid, and paddle assembly.

The motor unit attaches to the container by its base which stays on the side shelf. While the remaining components collect on the big bowl where it gets attached to the motor unit with a lid.

The maker sets for four players as well as different combinations. These are more than enough reasons why kids should love it.

The components of the game are solid wood, and there is an extra tray to make ice creams in.

How to Use Rival Ice Cream Maker?

Following are the steps that may be considered while using a Rival Ice Cream Maker:

Step: 1

Thaw out your Ice cream Maker for at least 12 hours before use to ensure that it works effectively with no issues. Plug the Mains Base in an electrical outlet and let it run for 10 minutes to ensure that it is working correctly. After which you can unplug it from the socket.

Step: 2

Turn the ON/OFF switch to the ‘ON’ position using the control dial. Make sure that all of the parts are assembled correctly in order for your machine to function properly.

Step 3:

In order to play the game, you will require a few things: First, get lots of ingredients by spinning the spinner on the center of the board game. Ingredients include fruits that range from strawberries to pineapples.

Step: 4

Place an icepack into the removable tray and then place the removable tray inside the Rival Ice cream Maker. Place both ice cream bases into their designated compartments respectively.

Make sure that you are using the scoop to create the ice cream balls or using your own. Use your spatula to separate ice cream in each maker and place them on your tray.

Step: 5

Once they are prepared, place around 5-6 balls into each of the compartments and close them by turning the lid all of the ways down until it clicks in place.

Securely place the Basket containing your ice cream mixture into your Ice cream Maker, before placing the Lid securely onto the top of your Ice cream Maker.

Step: 6

Pour in a mixture of Half and Half/Whole Milk, Sugar, Egg Yolks and 1 tsp Vanilla Extract into your Rival Ice cream Maker’s Basket containing the removable tray.

Set your desired timer for 30 minutes and wait patiently until the timer goes off.

Step: 7

You may now turn on your Rival Ice Cream Maker by using the power switch located on the side of the unit and begin making your frozen treats by waiting for it to start mixing and churning.

This may take a few minutes and depend on how many scoops you have placed inside, it will vary as well.

Check if it has hardened to your liking, if not you can put it back into the Rival Icecream Maker and churn it further for a few more minutes.


Select your desired setting on the Temperature Adjustment Dial on how hard or soft you want your ice cream to be, before adding in your flavorings such as flavored syrups, chocolate chips, etc.


Using the Rival Ice cream Maker’s paddle, stir your mixture for a good 2 minutes to ensure that it is well incorporated together.

Rotate the ice cream maker to make a funny-shaped ice cream that will also earn you points in the game.

Step: 10

Finally, add your favorite toppings from chocolate syrup, peanut butter drizzle or caramel sauce onto the ice cream maker, and put it into an ice cream cone.

The player with the most delicious and creative ice creams will be the winner of this game.


How to use a Rival Ice cream maker? The procedural steps guide provided above will help you a lot in using the Ice cream Maker.

In addition to the normal use, it can also be used for playing a game among kids which adds to its novelty.

Rival Ice cream Maker is a unique game that children can play casually with their friends. It has great playability and it requires very little maintenance to prepare for play.

So, the children will enjoy both the tasty ice cream as well as the fun aspect of playing the game. A thought may be wondering around your mind, about getting the above-mentioned Ice cream Maker.

If it is so, then it is recommended that you may only get it if you have a large number of kids in your family.

After getting this Special Ice cream maker this article will definitely prove to be the most beneficial one in relevance to the use of this Perfect Ice cream Maker.

In case of any ambiguity relevant to any step, you may ask your query in the comment section. You are also invited to share your views and opinions about this article and your personal experiences as well.

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