Is a Stand Mixer Worth it?

Is a Stand Mixer Worth it?

A stand mixer is a kitchen appliance that is widely used around the world. It largely replaced the traditional mixers in the homes and professional kitchens alike.

A smaller version of this type of machine is also available commercially which can be attached to a worktop or table with a clamp fitted to it. They are powered by an electric motor.

The basic usage of the machine is to mix, blend and knead the dough. It can also be used for chopping food and pureeing vegetables.

This appliance will help to save a lot of effort and time in kitchen work as it can easily be used to carry out different types of tasks without much physical involvement on the user’s part.

The machine comes with several attachments that can be adjusted according to the various tasks that are required to be carried out. Some of them are beaters, whisks, dough hooks, etc.

The basic parts that make up this appliance include a bowl that holds all the ingredients being used for cooking, a lid to keep away fumes and dirt and a shaft with blades that rotates in sync with the beaters and whisk.

It is an all-purpose machine and can be used for different types of tasks at home or in professional kitchens.

There are three different types of stand mixers: the standard lift type, bowl lift type, and flex edge beater type. Many cooking enthusiasts claim that it is well worth the expense to purchase this machine.

These machines are capable of performing all sorts of tasks, ranging from making bread dough to whipping egg whites. It is also capable of mixing cake batter and kneading pizza dough.

Is a Stand Mixer Worth it?

Based upon our extensive review we have mentioned some of the salient features of a stand mixer. The following features would be enough to prove that a stand mixer is worth it:

Easy to Use

The appliance is easier to use than the traditional mixers as it does not require much physical effort on the user’s part. It saves a lot of time in the kitchen.

Easy to Clean and Storage Space

The machine is simple to operate and clean after use. It does not require much storage space in comparison with the traditional mixers and many other types of appliances that are present in the home kitchens at present.


It is a great time-saving appliance to have in a kitchen. A stand mixer will save people plenty of labor hours by automating multiple tasks at one time so that the user only needs to do one task. It also saves energy since it does all the mixing while people do other work.

Minimizes Mess

Another notable benefit of the mixer is the convenience it offers to users. A stand mixer minimizes messes since people can easily use one machine for all tasks, eliminating the need for multiple machines that would require clean-up.

It also reduces clutter since it replaces several appliances with just one device. The appliance is also easy to store since it takes up little space in a cupboard or on the countertop.


In terms of price, a stand mixer can range from $50 to $500 or more, depending upon features and attachments. The appliance can be quite expensive which can be a major turn-off for some users.

The maintenance costs are also high as the user would have to buy different types of attachments according to their use.

Frequent Baking

A stand mixer is best suited for people who are baking frequently, cooking large meals that require highly skilled labor, and preparing foods for many people at once. It is also beneficial to people who enjoy cooking but have limited time to do so.

Power and Speed

The main advantage of a stand mixer is its powerful motor. Stand mixers are capable of mixing large batches at higher speeds with less effort from the user, which leads to lighter and fluffier cakes and bread.

It can also be used for kneading dough for pizza or pasta. The bowl contains a special support ring to help mix dough to the correct consistency.

Standard Equipment

A stand mixer is a kitchen appliance with a small motor to help blend ingredients for baking, cooking, and food preparation. It has become standard equipment in many kitchens today.

Many appliances can be used as a substitute, such as a hand mixer or a blender, but the stand mixers’ main advantages over these are their performance and their large capacity.


A stand mixer also has a much larger capacity than other kitchen appliances – at least 5 liters (or quarts).

You can make large cakes, bread or multiple batches of cookies, biscuits, or cake dough all in one go with this appliance. This is especially useful for baking projects that require many ingredients.


Standing mixers are also very durable and can withstand commercial use. They last much longer than hand mixers or blenders, which makes them a better value for money.


A stand mixer is more versatile than other appliances because you only need to buy one appliance to do all your baking and cooking with. It can be used to do more than just mix ingredients.

The stand mixer can also be used to whip, beat and knead food items as well as grind meat with a grinder attachment.

This makes it a very useful part of your kitchen supplies especially if you are a serious cook or baker.

Steps to Use a Stand Mixer – 10 Easy Steps

Using a stand mixer is generally pretty easy. It can be used to mix ingredients for baking, cooking, and general crafting.

Beyond that, the only other really important thing with using a standing mixer is knowing what order it does things in so you don’t damage anything accidentally.

Following are the steps to operate a stand mixer:

1. Plug your stand mixer into a wall or power strip. Most mixers will have a power button and/or a switch, and you’ll want to make sure those are pushed up if possible.

2. Secure the mixer’s head to the base. This should be as simple as lining them up and pushing them together until they click or lock into place.

Some mixers might require you to use a screwdriver and tighten a few screws.

3. Secure whatever is going to be mixed into the head of the mixer with the dough hook, whisk, or beaters that come with your particular recipe.

Add any liquid ingredients at this stage if they aren’t already in there as well.

4. Find out where your cord is coming out of the mixer and plug it into a nearby wall (or power strip).

5. Look around for a button or switch that says “On/Off”. Make sure this is pushed up, which should turn your mixer on.

6. Turn the speed dial(s) to the highest setting so your ingredients will be properly mixed together. Some mixers have multiple speeds, so you’ll want to turn them all up.

There might be a number or letter on the dial that tells you what speed it’s at – consult your user manual if necessary.

7. Turn the mixer on by pushing the On/Off button and let it mix together whatever is inside of it until everything appears well incorporated.

8. Turn the mixer off by pushing the On/Off button again.

9. Unplug your mixer from the wall, being careful not to pull on anything particularly hard or yank on the cord since this can damage it.

10. Make sure no parts are still in use so you can store them somewhere safe. If you are using the mixer to bake, let your dough or batter sit in it for a few minutes after you turn it off so everything can properly settle.

Watch How to Use Kitchenaid Stand Mixer Review

Stand Mixer vs Blender

The following table shows a comparison between the stand mixers and the blenders:

Stand Mixer


Heavy-Duty motor

Electric Motor

Heavy-Duty motor

Sharp blades inside the bowl – but they are not stationary

Sharp blades inside an enclosed container

Sharp blades inside an enclosed container

Handheld Device

Blade rotation at high speed

Used Commercially a well as for home kitchen

Can run-on gas or use manually

Different tool or blade attachments for mixing

Mixing of ingredients at high speed

Heavier Construction

 Lighter Construction

More Powerful and Efficient

Less Powerful and Efficient

Capable of producing both large and small batches

Can be used manually


I hope the above information would have developed your interest in the article. A stand mixer can be very useful in homes or in professional settings where a lot of cooking is done every day. It saves a lot of time and effort in the kitchen.

It can perform many of the tasks that people associate with other kitchen appliances, such as blenders and mixers. The task can be carried out swiftly which helps to increase output and efficiency.

The choice between getting this type of machine or not varies from person to person as the price factor may vary from one individual to another, depending on their needs and financial capabilities.

I was in the same situation a few months ago when I wanted to buy a stand mixer for my kitchen. I bought the KitchenAid 5-Quart Stand Mixer almost 2 years back.

Based upon my personal experience I would recommend the KitchenAid 5-Quart Stand Mixer as it is the best stand mixer available in the market today.

Also, the reviews on the internet prove the fact that it is the most competitive as well as the economical product.

So, for those who are in an urge to know, “Is a Stand Mixer Worth it?” this article will present you with the best information to answer your question.

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